Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diplomacy Spring 1455 AD Turn 004

England (Rob)
Army Brest to Paris
Army Liverpool To Yorkshire
Army Edinburgh to Holland
Fleet North Sea Convoy Army Edinburgh to Holland
Fleet Belgium support Army Edinburgh to Holland

France (Pat)
Army Burgundy to Picardy
Army Switzerland to Burgundy
Fleet Holland to the North Sea BOUNCE (Must Retreat or Disband) Retreats to Heligoland Bight

Holy Roman Empire (Chris)
Fleet Kiel to Denmark
Army Berlin to Kiel
Army Munich to Switzerland
Army Vienna to Tyrolia
Army Budapest Hold

Poland-Lith (Zahn)
Fleet Romania Supports Ottoman Army Bulgaria
Fleet St.Peters(SC) Moves to Gulf of Bothnia
Army Warsaw Stands
Army Moscow Moves to St.Petersburg
Army Norway Stands
Army Sevastopol Stands

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Fleet Aegean supports Army Bulgaria
Army Constantinople to Smyrna
Fleet Black Sea to Constantinople

Venice (Joseph)
Army Venice to Piedmont.
Fleet Trieste to Adriatic
Army Naples holds
Army Serbia supports Greece
Fleet Greece Holds

Spain (Mike)
Fleet Ionian Sea support Ottoman Fleet Aegean Sea to Greece (No Effect)
Army Marseilles Hold
Fleet Gulf of Lyon support Army Marseilles