Sunday, April 18, 2010

Diplomacy Spring 1457 Results Turn 009

France (Civil Disorder)
Army Brest (Unit Destroyed In Civil Disorder Cannot Retreat)

England (Pat)
Fleet North Sea supports Army Holland
Army Holland Mutual Support Fleet Belgium
Army London to Brest via Fleet English Channel
Fleet English Channel convoys Army London to Brest
Army Paris Supports Army London to Brest

Venice (Joseph)
Fleet Ionian Sea to Naples
Fleet Greece to Ionian Sea (Bounced)
Army Serbia supports Ottoman Army Bulgaria to Rumania
Army Trieste to Budapest (Bounced but cuts Support)
Army Rome Supports Fleet Adriatic to Venice
Fleet Adriatic to Venice

Spain (Mike)
Army Burgundy support Army Marseilles to hold
Army Marseilles support Army Burgundy to hold
Fleet Tunis to Ionian Sea
Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea support Fleet Tunis to Ionian Sea

Holy Roman Empire (Chris)
Fleet Hel Bight sup Army Kiel to Holland
Army Kiel to Holland (Bounced Three on Three)
Army Ruhr sup Army Kiel to Holland
Army Switzerland sup army Munich
Army Tyrolia to Vienna
Army Munich sup Army Switzerland
Army Budapest support Pol/Lith Army Rumania (Support Order Cut)

Poland/Lith (Steve)
Fleet Barents Sea Moves to Norwegian Sea
Fleet Baltic Sea Moves to Denmark supported by Army Sweden
Fleet Sevastopol Moves to Black Sea (Bounced)
Army Sweden Supports Fleet Baltic Sea to Denmark
Army Norway Stands
Army Warsaw Moves to Galacia
Army Rumania Supports Holy Roman Empire Army Budapest
(Must Retreat Only Area Available is Ukraine)

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Army Ankara to Armenia
Fleet Constantinople to Black Sea (Bounced)
Army Bulgaria to Romania
Fleet Smyna to Constantinople (Bounced)

Note: Fall 1457 Orders are due 9:00AM ET Sunday May 2nd.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Diplomacy Fall 1456 AD Moves and Results. No Builds/Disbands Turn 008

France (Civil Disorder)
A Brest Hold

England (Pat)
Fleet North Sea to the Norwegian Sea (Bounce)
Fleet London to the English Channel
Army Yorkshire to London
Army Paris stands
Army Holland support Fleet Belgium (Support Cut)
Fleet Belgium support Army Holland

Spain (Mike)
Army Gascony to Burgundy
Army Marseilles support Army Gascony to Burgundy (Support Cut)
Fleet Western Med. to Tyrrhenian Sea
Fleet Tunis support Fleet Western Med. to Tyrrenhian Sea

Holy Roman Empire (Chris)
Fleet Denmark to Hel Bight
Army Kiel to Holland (Bounce)
Army Ruhr sup Kiel to Holland
Army Switzerland to Marseilles (Bounce)
Army Tyrolia to Venice (Bounce)
Army Munich to Tyrolia (Bounce)
Army Budapest sup Ottoman Army Bulgaria to Serbia (No Effect)

Poland-Lith (Steve)
Fleet Barents Sea Moves to Norwegian Sea (Bounce)
Fleet Black Sea Moves to Sevastopol
Fleet Baltic Sea Stands
Army Warsaw Stands
Army Sweden Supports Army Norway
Army Norway Supports Army Sweden
Army Rumania Supports Ottoman Army Bulgaria to Serbia (No Effect)

Venice (Joseph)
Army Serbia Supports Fleet Greece.
Fleet Greece Supports Ottoman Army Bulgaria
Fleet Ionian Sea Supports Fleet Greece
Fleet Adriatic Moves to Venice (Bounce)
Army Trieste Supports Army Serbia
Army Naples moves to Rome

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Army Bulgaria supports Venician Army Serbia
Army Constantipole to Ankara
Fleet Aegean Sea to Constantipole
Fleet Eastern Med to Smyrna

Incrediable. No Changes in the standings. Spring 1457 orders are due 9:00 AM ET Sunday April 18th. When supporting units not under your control please specify their nationality in your orders.