Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spring 1471AD Spain Concedes Game Ends

Spring 1471 AD Map after Spanish Concession

Good morning gentlemen,

Indeed congratulations to Les on the Ottoman victory. Thank you all for a very enjoyable game. It has been most interesting, with lots of twists and turns. As the referee I can state there were turns I didn't know what was going to happen in spite of being privy to all the diplomatic pouches.

Since Blogger started keeping stats in July 2010 for Captain's Blog Diplomacy, we achieved a total of 1535 pageviews for this game. A record of 193 in April. I think June would  be our best month yet. We already have 112 for pageviews to date.

Your play  has a world wide audience, as shown by the table below. Once again congratulations to you all. Thank you for taking part in the game.

It is time for a break. Enjoy your summer.


Audience by Country
Canada 910
United States 244
Ukraine 50
Russia 43
Netherlands 40
Slovenia 39
United Kingdom 27
China 23
Germany 22
South Korea 19

On 6/11/2011 11:11 PM, Mike Sullivan wrote:
My brilliant plans have come to naught; due of course to the bumbling of my generals.
Les has suggested that I concede my position, and I have accepted with pleasure (and Rob's blessings). I did offer Les the option of grinding me into the dust but he has graciously declined.
Congratulations to Les; a richly deserved victory, combing patience and expertly timed stabs!
Thanks to all for a very enjoyable game, and to Rob for making it possible.
ps:   I am hoping that Les will grant me a small estate in the Canary Islands where I hope to spend the remainder of my days raising canaries.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Winter 1470 AD Builds and Disbands Turn 050

Ottoman Empire (Les) 12 Centres Builds Two
Builds Fleet Constantinople
Builds Fleet Smyrna

Spain (Mike) 11 Centres Disbands One
Disbands Fleet Apulia

England (Pat) Has 8 Centres but Cannot Build
Officially Has lost one Centre
Does not control unoccupied Home Centres

Pol/Lith  (Steve) 2 Centres No Change

Venice (Joseph) 2 Centres No Change

Spring 1471 AD orders are due Sunday June 19th at 9:00 AM ET 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fall 1470 AD Orders and Results Turn 049

 Ottoman Empire (Les)
Fleet Aegean Sea to Ionian Sea
Fleet Eastern Med supports Fleet Aegean Sea to Ionian Sea
Fleet Constantinople to Aegean Sea
Army Serbia to Greece (Bounce)
Fleet Adriatic Sea to Venice
Army Trieste supports Fleet Adriatic Sea to Venice
Army Tyrolia to Piedmont (Bounce)
Army Munich to Switzerland (Bounce)
Army Munich Retreats to Berlin
Fleet Naples to Rome
Army Sevastopol to Rumania

England (Pat)
Fleets Belgium and Holland Mutual Support
Army Ruhr supports Belgium
Fleet North Sea convoys Army Norway to Edinburgh
Army Norway to Edinburgh (Bounce)
Army Kiel supports those crazy Ottomen in Munich (Not Possible)
(Why are they still there?  Shouldn't they be in Venice by now?)

Spain (Mike)
Army Yorkshire to Edinburgh (Bounce)
Fleet North Atlantic Ocean to Norwegian Sea
Army London to hold
Fleet English Channel supports Fleet Picardy to Belgium
Fleet Picardy to Belgium (Bounce)
Army Paris to Burgundy
Army Burgundy to Munich
Army Switzerland support Army Burgundy to Munich
Army Piedmont support Army Switzerland to Hold (Support Cut)
Fleet Venice support Venetian Army Vienna to Trieste (Not Possible)
Fleet Venice Retreats to Apulia
Fleet Ionian Sea to Greece (Bounce)
Fleet Ionian Sea Retreats to Naples
Fleet Western Mediterranean to Tyrrhenian Sea

Venice (Joseph)
Army Vienna Supports Ottoman Army Tyrolia (Not Possible)
Army Bohemia Supports Ottoman Army Munich (Not Possible)

Pol-Lith (Steve)
Civil Disorder No Orders Received
Moscow Hold
Warsaw Hold