Monday, March 22, 2010

Diplomacy Spring 1456 Moves and Results Turn 007

Spain (Mike)
Army Spain to Gascony
Army Marseilles support Army Spain to Gascony
Fleet Tunis hold
Fleet Gulf of Lyons to Western Med.

Holy Roman Empire (Chris)
Fleet Denmark to North Sea
Army Munich to Ruhr
Army Kiel support Army Munich to Ruhr
Army Switzerland Hold
Army Vienna to Tyrolia
Army Berlin to Munich
Army Budapest Hold

France (Pat)
Army Picardy to Brest

Poland-Lith (Steve)
Fleet St.Petersburg (North Coast) Moves to Barents Sea
Fleet Rumania Moves to Black Sea
Fleet Gulf of Bothnia Moves to Baltic Sea
Army Warsaw Stands
Army Sweden Supports Army Norway
Army Norway Supports Army Sweden
Army Sevastopol Moves to Rumania

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Army Constantinople support A Bulgaria
Fleet Eastern Med Supports Fleet Aegean Sea
Fleet Aegean Sea Supports Army Bulgaria

Venice (Joseph)
Fleet Greece holds
A Serbia Supports Fleet Greece
Fleet Ionian Supports Fleet Greece
Fleet Trieste to Adriatic Sea
Army Venice to Trieste
Army Rome to Naples

England (Rob) Declares Civil Disorder
Army Paris Stands
Army Ruhr Stands (Retreats to Holland)
Army Yorkshire Stands
Fleet North Sea Stands
Fleet Belgium Stands
Fleet London Stands

NEWS of The World

Dateline London

The House of Lancaster (Rob) has been replaced by the House of York (Pat). It a seamless coup the former Royal Family has been eliminated from the national stage and a new regime has returned from exile in France. The King is Dead, Vive Le Roi, I mean Long Live the King!!!

Rob has decided to bow out of the game and in order to keep it more interesting I offered Pat the option to change countries since France had one remaining piece. The offer was made and accepted after I had already received France's orders. Mike was in touch with Rob and already knew that Rob had left the game. He contacted me offside to suggest I make the same offer to Pat.

Pat being the trooper he is, offered to continue to play France if we could find another player interested in taking over England. I had no one in line. As a result of knowing Pat was going to take over, I have ruled that the Army Ruhr is retreated to Holland (die roll 1-3 and not Burgundy 4-6) instead of being destroyed according to Rule XIV Miscellaneous Subsection 3 Civil Disorder. I hope all are in accord.

Rob Thank you for taking part in this experiment.