Sunday, February 28, 2010

Diplomacy 1455AD Winter Builds & Disbands Turn 006

England (Rob) Build One Unit
Fleet London

France (Pat) Disbands Two Units
Disband Fleet Holland
Disband Army Burgundy

Holy Roman Empire (Chris) Builds Two Units
Army Berlin
Army Vienna

Poland-Lith (Steve) Builds One Unit
Fleet St.Petersburg (North Coast)

Venice (Joseph) Builds One Unit
Fleet Trieste

Spain (Mike) Builds One Unit
Army Spain

Spring 1456 Orders are due Sunday March 14th 9:00AM ET.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Diplomacy Fall 1455 AD Orders Turn 005

England (Rob) Has 6 Centres Builds 1
Army Paris Hold
Army Holland Hold (Must Retreat or Disband: Retreats to Ruhr)
Army Yorkshire Hold
Fleet North Sea Hold
Fleet Belgium Hold

France (Pat) Has 1 Centre Disbands 2
Fleet Heligoland Bight to Holland
Army Burgundy to Marseilles
Army Picardy to Belgium (Bounce)

Holy Roman Empire (Chris) Has 7 Centres Builds 2
Fleet Denmark to North sea (Bounce)
Army Kiel supports French Fleet Heligoland Bight to Holland
Army Switzerland support French Army Burgundy to Marseilles
Army Tyrolia to Munich
Army Budapest Hold

Poland-Lith (Steve) Has 7 Centres Builds 1
Fleet Romania Moves to Sevastopol(Bounce)
Army Sevastopol Moves to Rumania (Bounce)
Fleet Gulf of Bothnia Convoys Army St. Petersburg to Sweden
Army Warsaw Stands
Army St. Petersburg Convoyed to Sweden
Army Norway Stands

Ottoman Empire (Les) Has 4 Centres Unchanged
Fleet Aegean Sea to Eastern Med
Fleet Constantinople to Aegean Sea
Army Smyrna to Constantinople
Army Bulgaria hold

Venice (Joseph) Has 6 Centres Builds 1
Army Piedmont to Venice
Army Naples to Rome
Army Serbia Supports Fleet Greece
Fleet Greece Supports Fleet Adriatic Sea to Ionian Sea
Fleet Adriatic Sea to Ionian Sea

Spain (Mike) Has Four Centres Builds 1
Fleet Ionian Sea to Tunis
Army Marseilles Hold
Fleet Gulf of Lyon support Army Marseilles

Builds and Disbands due Tuesday Feb 23rd 9:00 PM ET. Please no Diplomacy until all Builds and Disbands are published.