Sunday, July 18, 2010

Diplomacy Spring 1460 Move 018

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Army Armenia to Sevastopol (BOUNCE)
Fleet Black Sea support Fleet Romania
Fleet Romania Hold
Army Bulgaria support Fleet Romania
Army Constantinople Holds

Holy Roman Empire (Chris)
Army Holland to Belgium (BOUNCE)
Fleet Belgium to Picardy (BOUNCE)
Army Ruhr support Army Munich
Army Berlin to Kiel
Army Munich hold (RETREATS to Berlin)
Army Vienna to Tyrolia
Army Budapest support Pol/Lith Army Galacia to Rumania (Support Cut)

Poland/Lith (Steve)
Army Moscow Supports Fleet Sevastopol
Fleet Sevastopol Supports Army Galicia to Rumania (Support Cut)
Army Ukraine Supports Fleet Sevastopol
Army Galicia Moves to Rumania (BOUNCE)
Army Norway Stands
Fleet Clyde Moves to Edinburgh
Fleet Yorkshire Supports Fleet Clyde to Edinburgh (Support Cut)
Fleet Yorkshire Destroyed No Retreat Possible
Fleet English Channel Moves to Mid-Atlantic Ocean (BOUNCE)

England (Pat)
Army Wales to Yorkshire
Fleet Liverpool to Clyde
Fleet London support Army Wales to Yorkshire
Army Picardy holds

Spain (Mike)
Fleet North Sea support English Army Wales to Yorkshire
Fleet Spain (North Coast) to Mid-Atlantic Ocean (BOUNCE)
Fleet Piedmont to Marseilles
Army Switzerland support Army Venicean Tyrolia to Munich
Army Burgundy support Army Venicean Tyrolia to Munich.

Venice (Joseph)
Army Tyrolia to Munich
Army Serbia to Budapest (BOUNCE)
Army Tuscany to Venice
Fleet Venice to Adriatic.
Fleet Trieste Holds
Fleet Rome Holds

Fall 1460 Orders are due 9:00 AM ET on Monday August 2nd. Since I'll still be in Halifax you have an extra day for Diplomacy.

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