Monday, November 29, 2010

Spring 1464 AD Orders and Results Turn 030

 Venice (Joseph)
Army Galacia to Rumania (BOUNCE)
Army Budapest supports Army Trieste to Serbia
Army Viennia to Trieste
Army Trieste to Serbia
Army Venice to Apulia
Fleet Albania Supports Fleet Ionia Sea to Greece
Fleet Ionian sea to Greece (BOUNCE)

England (Pat)
Army Holland to Norway via North Sea (BOUNCE)
Fleet North Sea convoy Army Holland to Norway
Fleet Norwegian Sea support Army Holland to Norway
Fleet Denmark to Sweden
Fleet *Skaggerak* support Fleet Denmark to Sweden
Army London stands
Army Belgium stands

Spain (Mike)
Fleet Berlin to Kiel
Army Kiel To Munich
Army Munich to Berlin
Army Ruhr to Burgundy
Army Switzerland to Tyrolia
Fleet Gulf of Lyon To Tyrrhenian Sea
Fleet Western Mediterranean to North Africa
Fleet Spain (South Coast) to Western Mediterranean

Pol/Lith (Steve)
Fleet Sweden Supports Army Norway (Support Cut) 
Fleet Sweden retreats to Baltic Sea
Fleet St. Petersburg (NC) Supports Army Norway
Army Norway Stands
Fleet Sevastopol Stands
Army Ukraine Moves to Moscow
Army Warsaw Stands

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Fleet Smyrna to Eastern Mediterranean
Fleet Aegean supports Army Greece
Army Greece supports Army Serbia (Support Cut)
Army Serbia supports Army Greece (Support Cut)  
Army Serbia Destroyed No Possible Retreat
Army Bulgaria supports Fleet Romania
Fleet Romania Holds
Army Armenia Holds

Fall 1464AD Orders are due Sunday December 11th at 9:00AM ET.

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