Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spring 1465 AD Orders and Results Turn 033

England (Pat)
Fleet Sweden to Finland
Army Norway to St. Petersburg (BOUNCE)
Fleet Norwegian Sea to Barents Sea
Fleet North Sea to Norwegian Sea
Fleet Skaggerak to North Sea
Army Liverpool to Edinburgh
Armys London and Belgium hold

Spain (Mike)
Fleet Holland to Kiel
Army Berlin to Munich
Army Switzerland to Piedmont
Army Tyrolia to Bohemia
Army Bohemia to Galicia
Army Spain to Marseilles
Army Portugal to Spain
Fleet Tunis to Ionian Sea
Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea to Naples
Fleet Western Mediterranean to Tyrrhenian Sea

Venice (Joseph)
Army Rumania to Bulgaria (BOUNCE)
Army Budapest to Rumania (BOUNCE)
Army Trieste to Vienna
Army Venice to Trieste
Army Apulia to Rome
Army Serbia supports Army Rumania to Bulgaria
Fleet Ionian Sea to Greece (BOUNCE)
Fleet Ionian Retreats to the Adriatic Sea
Fleet Albania supports Fleet Ionian Sea to Greece

Pol/Lith (Steve)
Fleet St.Petersburg (NC) Stands
Fleet Sevastopol Stands
Army Moscow Stands
Army Warsaw Stands

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Fleet Eastern Med supports Spain Fleet Tunis to the Ionian Sea
Fleet Aegean supports Army Greece
Army Greece supports Army Bulgaria (Support Cut)
Army Bulgaria support Army Greece (Support Cut)
Fleet Black Sea supports Army Bulgaria

Fall 1465AD orders are due Sunday Jan 16th at 9:00 AM ET.

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