Sunday, August 12, 2012

017 Fall 1876 Moves and Results

Britain (Prime Minister Lord Stanley)
Eleven Centres (Two Builds Units)
1. Fleet Irish Sea supports Fleet London to the English Channel
2. Fleet London to English Channel
3. Fleet Barents Sea Holds
4. Fleet Norway to Sweden
5. Army Denmark to Kiel
6. Fleet North Sea  to Holland
7. Army Munich Supports Belgium to Burgundy (Support Cut)
8. Army Belgium to Burgundy (BOUNCE)
9. Fleet Berlin support Army Denmark to Kiel (Support Cut)

The Russian Empire (His Imperial Majesty The Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russians, Tsar Alexander III)
Four Centres (Disbands One Unit)
Fleet St. Petersburg (SC) Holds
Army Prussia Attacks Berlin (BOUNCE)
Army Warsaw Holds
Army Ukraine Attacks Sevastopol
Army Moscow Supports Army Ukraine to Sevastopol

The Restored Eastern Roman Empire (Flavius Iustinus Iunior Augustus (Justin II), Imperator)
Five Centres (Disbands One Unit)
Army Sevastopol to Rumania (BOUNCE) 

(Displaced Fleet Sevastopol Retreats to Armenia)
Army Bulgaria to Serbia  (BOUNCE)
Army Greece supports Army Bulgaria to Serbia
Army Constantinople to Bulgaria  (BOUNCE)
Fleet Ionian Sea  supports Fleet Naples (Support Cut)
Fleet Naples supports Fleet Ionian Sea (Support Cut) 

(Displaced Fleet Naples Retreats to Apulia)

The Austro-Hungarian Empire (His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty Franz Joseph)
Seven Centres (No Change)
Army Rome supports French Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea to Naples
Army Apulia To Venice
Army Trieste To Albania
Army Serbia supports Army Trieste to Albania (Support Cut)
Army Budapest supports Army Serbia
Army Rumania supports Army Serbia (Support Cut)
Army Galicia supports Army Rumania

la République française (Patrice de Mac-Mahon, président de la République française)
Seven Centres (Builds One Unit)
1. Fleet Mid-Atlantic Ocean Holds
2. Fleet Brest supports fleet Mid-Atlantic Ocean
3. Army Burgundy supports Army Ruhr to Munich (Support Cut)
4. Army Ruhr moves to Munich  (BOUNCE)
5. Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea moves to Naples
6. Fleet Tunis moves to Ionian Sea  (BOUNCE)

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