Monday, October 26, 2009

Diplomacy 1454AD Spring 1454 Move 001

Spain (Mike)
Army Portugal to Spain
Fleet Spain (SC) to Gulf of Lyon
Fleet Naples to Ionian Sea

England (Rob)
Army Liverpool to Edinburgh
Fleet London to North Sea
Fleet Brest to English Channel

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Fleet Bulgaria (EC) to Black Sea
Fleet Smyrna to Aegean Sea
Army Constantinople to Bulgaria
Army Ankara to Smyrna

France (Pat)
Army Marseilles to Switzerland (Bounce)
Army Paris to Burgundy
Fleet Belgium to Holland

Holy Roman Empire (Chris)
Fleet Berlin to Kiel
Army Munich to Switzerland (Bounce)
Army Vienna to Budapest

Poland-Lithuania (Steve)
Army St.Petersburg Moves to Norway
Army Warsaw Stands
Fleet Sevastopol Moves to Rumania

Venice (Joseph)
Fleet Greece Hold
Army Venice to Rome
Army Trieste to Serbia

Fall 1454AD Orders are due Sunday Nov 15th 9 AM. We will then begin 2 week cycle as per the last game, with delays as required.

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