Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let Slip the Dogs of War

Renaissance Diplomacy II (me04) Start Spring 1454

The Players:

Chris: Holy Roman Empire: F Berlin, A Vienna, A Munich
Rob: England: F Brest, A Liverpool, F London
Pat: France: F Belgium, A Marseilles, A Paris
Mike: Spain: F Spain (sc), A Portugal, F Naples
Joseph: Venice: A Venice, A Trieste, F Greece
Steve: Poland-Lithuania: A St.Petersburg, A Warsaw, F Sevastopol
Les: Ottoman Turks: F Bulgaria (ec), F Smyrna, A Constantinople, A Ankara

The Map:

Good Day Gents

Spring 1454 Orders are due Sunday Oct 25th at 9:00AM Please send all orders to my email address.  Please add your gaming comments by using the comment option at the bottom of each turn's posting.

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