Sunday, May 2, 2010

Diplomacy Fall 1457 Moves and Results Turn 010

England (Pat) 6 Centres No Builds/Disband
Fleet North Sea to Edinburgh
Fleet Belgium to North Sea
Army Holland to Belgium
Army Brest Holds
Army Paris stands
Fleet English Channel supports Fleet Belgium to North Sea

Spain (Mike) 4 Centres No Builds/Disbands
Army Burgundy to Switzerland (BOUNCE 2 on 2)
Army Marseilles support Army Burgundy to Switzerland
Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea support Fleet Ionian Sea to hold
Fleet Ionian Sea to hold

Holy Roman Empire (Chris) 7 Centres No Builds/Disbands
Army Ruhr to Holland
Fleet Hel Bight support Army Ruhr to Holland
Army Kiel support Army Ruhr to Holland
Army Switzerland Hold
Army Munich support army Switzerland
Army Vienna support army Budapest
Army Budapest support Pol/Lith army Galacia to Rumania (Support Cut)

Poland/Lith (Steve) 8 Centres One Build
Fleet Norwegian Sea Convoys Army Norway to Clyde
Fleet Denmark Moves to North Sea (BOUNCE)
Army Sweden Moves to Norway
Army Norway Convoyed to Clyde by Fleet Norwegian Sea
Army Galacia Moves to Rumania supported by Army Ukraine & Fleet Sevastopol
Fleet Sevastopol Supports Army Galicia to Rumania (Support Cut)
Army Ukraine Supports Army Galicia to Rumania

Ottoman Empire (Les) 4 Centres No Builds/Disbands
Note: The Ottaman National Colours have changed since France no longer exists.
Fleet Constantinople to Black Sea
Fleet Smyrna to Constantinople
Army Romania supports Army Armenia to Sevastopol
(Support Cut Army Rumania Retreats to Bulgaria)
Army Armenia to Sevastopol (BOUNCE)

Venice (Joseph) 6 Centres No Builds/Disbands
Army Trieste to Budapest (BOUNCE 2 on 2)
Army Serbia Supports Army Trieste to Budapest
Fleet Greece to Ionian Sea (BOUNCE 2 on 2)
Fleet Venice to Trieste (BOUNCE)
Fleet Naples Supports Fleet Greece to Ionia Sea
Army Rome Supports Fleet Naples.

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