Sunday, May 16, 2010

Diplomacy Spring 1458 AD Move 012

England (Pat)
Fleet North Sea to the Norwegian Sea
Fleet Edinburgh supports North Sea to Norwegian Sea
Army Brest to Wales via English Channel
Fleet English Channel convoys army Brest to Wales
Army Paris to Picardy
Army Belgium to Holland (BOUNCE)

Spain (Mike)
Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea to Western Mediterranean Sea
Fleet Ionian Sea to Tyrrhenian Sea
Army Marseilles to Switzerland (BOUNCE)
Army Burgundy to Ruhr (BOUNCE)

Poland-Lith (Steve)
Army Norway Moves to Sweden
Fleet St. Petersburg (North coast) Moves to Norway
Fleet Norwegian Sea Moves to Edinburgh (BOUNCE Retreats to Clyde)
Fleet Denmark Moves to North Sea
Army Clyde Moves to Liverpool
Fleet Sevastopol Stands
Army Ukraine Supports Fleet Sevastopol
Army Rumania Supports Holy Roman Emp Army Budapest
(Support Cut Retreat to Galicia )

Holy Roman Empire (Chris)
Army Holland support Army Kiel to Ruhr (Support Cut)
Fleet Hel Bight support Army Holland
Army Kiel to Ruhr (BOUNCE)
Army Switzerland hold
Army Munich support Army Switzerland
Army Vienna to Trieste (BOUNCE)
Army Budapest support Pol/Lith army Rumania (Support Cut)

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Army Armenia Attacks Sevastopol. (BOUNCE)
Fleet Constantinople to Black Sea.
Fleet Black Sea to Rumania.
Army Bulgaria supports Black Sea to Rumania

Venice (Joseph)
Army Serbia Supports Ottoman Fleet Black Sea to Rumania.
Army Trieste attacks Budapest (BOUNCE)
Fleet Venice moves to Trieste (BOUNCE)
Army Rome Supports Fleet Naples
Fleet Naples supports Army Rome
Fleet Greece Holds.

Fall 1458 Moves Due Sunday May 30th at 9:00 AM ET.

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