Sunday, June 6, 2010

Diplomacy Fall 1458 AD Move 013

England (Pat) Controls 4 Centres Loses 2
Fleet Norwegian Sea to Clyde
Fleet English Channel to London
Fleet Edinburgh supports Norwegian Sea to Clyde (Support Cut Retreats to Yorkshire)
Army Wales to Liverpool (BOUNCE)
Army Belgium to Holland (BOUNCE)
Army Picardy to Belgium (BOUNCE)

Ottoman Empire (Les) Controls 5 Centres Build 1
Army Armenia to Stevastapol (BOUNCE)
Fleet Black Sea sup Romania
Army Bulgaria sup Romania
Fleet Romania sup Black Sea (Support Cut)

Spain (Mike) Controls 4 Centres No Change
Army Marseilles to Switzerland (BOUNCE)
Army Burgundy to Ruhr (BOUNCE)
Fleet Western Med to Mid Atlantic Ocean
Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea to Naples (BOUNCE)

Poland-Lith (Steve) Controls 9 Centres Builds 1
Army Sweden Moves to Norway
Fleet Norway Moves to Norwegian Sea
Fleet Clyde Moves to Edinburgh supported by Fleet North Sea
Fleet North Sea Supports Fleet Clyde to Edinburgh
Army Liverpool Stands
Fleet Sevastopol Stands
Army Ukraine Supports Fleet Sevastopol
Army Galicia Moves to Rumania (BOUNCE)

Holy Roman Empire (Chris) Controls 7 Centres No Change
Army Holland support Army Kiel to Ruhr (Support Cut)
Fleet Hel Bight support Pol/Lith fleet North Sea
Army Kiel to Ruhr (BOUNCE)
Army Switzerland hold
Army Munich support Army Switzerland
Army Vienna support Army Budapest
Army Budapest support Pol/Lith Army Galacia to Rumania (Support Cut)

Venice (Joseph) Controls 6 Centres No Change
Army Serbia moved to Budapest (BOUNCE)
Army Trieste supports Serbia to Budapest
Fleet Greece moves to Albania
Fleet Venice supports Trieste
Army Rome supports Naples
Fleet Naples supports Rome (Support Cut)

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