Monday, June 21, 2010

Diplomacy Spring 1459 AD Move 015

England (Pat)
Fleet Clyde to Liverpool
Army Wales supports Fleet Clyde to Liverpool
Fleet Yorkshire holds
Army Belgium supports Spanish Army Burgundy to Ruhr

Spain (Mike)
Fleet Mid-Atlantic to English Channel
Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea to Gulf of Lyon
Army Marseilles to Switzerland (BOUNCE)
Army Burgundy To Ruhr (BOUNCE)

Holy Roman Empire (Chris)
Army Holland support Army Kiel to Ruhr
Fleet Helgoland Bight to North Sea
Army Kiel to Ruhr (BOUNCE)
Army Switzerland hold
Army Munich support Army Switzerland
Army Vienna support Army Budapest
Army Budapest support Pol/Lith Army Galacia to Rumania (Support Cut)

Pol/Lith (Steve)
Army Norway Stands
Fleet Norwegian Sea Moves to Clyde
Fleet Edinburgh Supports Army Liverpool (Not Possible: Liverpool is not an adjacent coastal area)
Fleet North Sea Moves to London
Army Liverpool Supports Fleet Edinburgh (Support Cut: Unit Destroyed No Possible Retreat)
Army Warsaw Moves to Moscow
Fleet Sevastopol Supports Army Galicia to Rumania (Support Cut)
Army Ukraine Supports Fleet Sevastapol
Army Galicia Moves to Rumania (BOUNCE)

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Army Armenia to Stevastapol (BOUNCE)
Fleet Black Sea support Fleet Romania
Fleet Romania Hold
Army Bulgaria Support Fleet Romania
Army Constantinople Hold

Venice (Joseph)
Army Trieste to Tyrolia
Fleet Albania to Trieste
Fleet Venice Supports Fleet Albania to Venice
Army Serbia to Budapest (BOUNCE)
Army Rome Supports Fleet Naples
Fleet Naples supports Army Rome

Note: Fall 1459 Orders are due Sunday July 4th at 9:00 AM ET. Happy Fourth of July to our American Friends.

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