Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spring 1462 AD Moves and Results Turn 024

Spain (Mike)
Fleet Baltic Sea to Berlin
Fleet Marseilles to Gulf of Lyon
Fleet North Africa to Western Mediterranean
Army Paris to Burgundy
Army Spain to Marseilles
Army Switzerland to Munich (BOUNCE)

England (Pat)
Fleet Clyde to the Norwegian Sea
Army Edinburgh holds
Fleet North Sea support Fleet Clyde to Norwegian Sea (Support Cut)
Fleet English Channel support Fleet North Sea
Army Belgium holds

Pol/Lith (Steve)
Army Moscow Supports Fleet Sevastopol
Fleet Sevastopol Supports Army Galicia to Rumania (Support Cut)
Army Ukraine Supports Fleet Sevastopol
Army Galicia  Moves to Rumania (BOUNCE)
Fleet Denmark  Moves to North Sea (BOUNCE)
Fleet Norwegian Sea  Moves to Norway
Army Sweden Supports Fleet Norwegian Sea to Norway

Holy Roman Empire (Chris)
Army Holland to Belgium (BOUNCE)
Army Berlin to Munich
Army Kiel support Army Berlin to Munich
Army  Bohemia support Army Budapest to Vienna (Support Cut)
Army Budapest to Vienna (BOUNCE)  
Army Budapest Destroyed No Possible Retreat

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Fleet Romania supports Army Armenia to Sevastopol (Support Cut)
Fleet Black Sea supports Fleet Romania
Army Bulgaria supports Fleet Romania
Army Armenia to Sevastopol (BOUNCE)
Army Constantinople supports Army Bulgaria

Venice (Joseph)
Fleet Albania to Ionian Sea 
Army Serbia to Budapest
Army Trieste supports Army Serbia to Budapest
Army Tyrolia to Viennia (BOUNCE)
Army Munich to Bohemia  (BOUNCE)
 Army Munich retreats to Silesia
Fleet Adriatic to Venice
Fleet Rome Holds

Fall 1462 AD orders at due at 9:00 AM ET Sunday Oct 3rd

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