Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall 1462AD Moves and Results Turn 025

England (Pat) Six Centres One Build
Fleet Norwegian Sea to Norway (BOUNCE)
Fleet North Sea convoy Army Edinburgh to Holland
Army Edinburgh to Holland via North Sea
Fleet English Channel support Fleet North Sea
Army Belgium support Army Edinburgh to Holland

Spain (Mike) Seven Centres One Build
Fleet Berlin to Kiel (BOUNCE)
Army Switzerland to Munich
Army Burgundy support Army Switzerland to Munich
Army Marseilles to Switzerland
Fleet Gulf of Lyons to Marseilles
Fleet Western Mediterranean hold

Venice (Joseph) Eight Centres One Build
Fleet Ionian Sea to Tunis
Fleet Rome to Naples
Fleet Venice to Adriatic Sea
Army Trieste to Vienna
Army Budapest supports Army Trieste to Vienna
Army Tyrolia Supports Spanish Army Switzerland to Munich
Army Silesia to Warsaw (BOUNCE)

Pol/Lith (Steve) Seven Centres No Change
Fleet Denmark Moves to Sweden (BOUNCE)
Fleet Norway Moves to St. Petersburg (NC)
Army Sweden Moves to Norway (BOUNCE)
Army Moscow Supports Fleet Sevastopol
Fleet Sevastopol Stands
Army Ukraine Supports Fleet Sevastopol
Army Galicia Moves to Warsaw (BOUNCE)

Holy Roman Empire (Chris) One Centre Disbands Two
Army Munich support Army Bohemia (Support Cut) Unit Disbands
Army Holland support Army Kiel (Support Cut) Retreats to Ruhr
Army Kiel support Army Holland (Support Cut)
Army Bohemia support Army Munich

Ottoman Empire (Les) Six Centres One Build
Army Bulgaria to Serbia
Army Constaniople to Bulgaria
Fleet Romania support Fleet Black Sea
Fleet Black Sea support Fleet Romania
Army Armenia-to Stevastopol (BOUNCE)

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