Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spring 1463AD Moves and Results Turn 027

And then there were five. I want to thank Chris for being a good sport and I hope he'll continue to follow the game and add some commentary in the comments space.

England (Pat)
Fleet North Sea to Skagerrak
Fleet English Channel to North Sea
Fleet Brest to English Channel
Fleet Norwegian Sea support English Channel to North Sea
Army Belgium support Army Holland
Army Holland support the Infidel Army (Moorish Spain) in Munich to Kiel

Spain (Mike)
Fleet Western Mediterranean to Spain (South Coast)
Fleet Marseilles to Gulf of Lyon
Army Spain to Marseilles
Army Burgundy to Ruhr
Army Munich to Kiel
Fleet Berlin support Army Munich to Kiel (Support Cut)
Army Switzerland to Munich

Spanish Wing of the Habsburg Family Gains Imperial Throne

Venice (Joseph)
Army Budapest to Galacia
Army Viennia supports Army Budapest to Galacia
Army Silesia to Warsaw (BOUNCE)
Army Tyrolia Holds
Army Venice Supports Army Tyrolia
Fleet Adriatic Supports Army Venice
Fleet Naples to Rome
Fleet Tunis holds

Holy Roman Empire
Army Kiel to Berlin (BOUNCE) Unit Destroyed No Retreat Possible

Austria Wing of the Habsburg Family Losses Imperial Throne

Polish/Lith (Steve)
Fleet Denmark Moves to North Sea (BOUNCE)
Fleet St. Peterburgs(NC) Supports Army Sweden to Norway
Army Sweden Moves to Norway
Army Moscow Supports Fleet Sevastopol
Fleet Sevastopol Stands
Army Ukraine Supports Army Galicia to Warsaw
Army Galicia Moves to Warsaw

Prepare retirement villa by Sulak on the Caspian Sea

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Army Bulgaria to Greece
Army Constantinople to Bulgaria
Fleet Black Sea to Constantinople
Army Serbia support Fleet Romania
Army Armenia Hold

Fall 1463 Orders are due Sunday November 7th at 9:00 AM ET

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