Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fall 1466 AD Orders and Results Turn 037

Ottoman Empire (Les) Seven Centres (Builds Two Units)
Fleet Greece to Albania (BOUNCE)  
Army Serbia Hold
Army Bulgaria Supports Army Serbia
Fleet Romania Hold
Fleet Aegean Support Fleet Greece (Order not Possible)

England (Pat) Nine Centres (No Change)
Fleet North Atlantic to Mid Atlantic (BOUNCE)
Army Denmark to Kiel (BOUNCE)
Army Livonia to Prussia
Army Burgundy to Marseilles
Fleet Sweden to Baltic Sea
Fleet North Sea to Belgium (BOUNCE)
Fleet Norwegian Sea to Norway
Armies St Petersburg and London stand

Spain (Mike) Thirteen Centres (Builds One)
Fleet Mid-Atlantic Ocean to English Channel
Fleet Spain (North Coast) to Mid-Atlantic Ocean (BOUNCE)
Army Gascony to Brest
Fleet Kiel holds
Army Ruhr to Belgium (BOUNCE)
Army Munich to Burgundy
Army Tyrolia to Venice
Army Tuscany support Army Tyrolia to Venice
Fleet Adriatic to Trieste (BOUNCE)
Fleet Naples to Ionian Sea
Fleet Rome To Tyrrhennian Sea
Army Galicia To Silesia

Pol/Lith (Steve) Three Centres (No Change)
Fleet Sevastopol Stands
Army Moscow Supports Army Warsaw
Army Warsaw Supports Army Moscow

Venice (Joseph) Three Centres (Disbands Two Units)
Army Albania to Serbia (BOUNCE)
Army Budapest supports Army Albania to Serbia
Army Trieste supports Army Albania to Serbia (Support Cut)
Fleet Venice to Adriatic (BOUNCE)
Fleet Venice retreats to Apulia
Army Vienna Supports Army Budapest

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