Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spring 1466 AD Orders and Results Turn 036

Spain (Mike)
Fleet Portugal to Spain (North Coast)
Fleet Spain (South Coast) to Mid-Atlantic Ocean
Army Marseilles to Gascony
Fleet Kiel to Holland (BOUNCE)
Army Munich to Ruhr
Army Bohemia to Munich
Army Piedmont to Tuscany
Fleet Rome support Army Piedmont to Tuscany
Fleet Naples to Apulia (BOUNCE)
Fleet Ionian Sea to Adriatic Sea
Army Tyrolia to Trieste (BOUNCE)
Army Galicia to Vienna (BOUNCE)

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Army Greece to Serbia
Army Bulgaria supports Army Greece to Serbia
Fleet Black Sea to Romania
Fleet Aegean to Greece
Fleet Eastern Med to Aegean Sea

England (Pat)
Army St Petersburg to Livonia
Army Norway to St Petersburg
Fleet Finland to Sweden
Fleet Norwegian Sea to North Atlantic Ocean
Fleet Barents Sea to Norwegian Sea
Army Belgium to Burgundy
Army Denmark to Kiel (BOUNCE)
Army London to Holland via North Sea (BOUNCE)
Fleet North Sea convoy Army London to Holland

Pol/Lith (Steve)
Fleet Sevastopol Stands
Army Moscow Supports Army Warsaw
Army Warsaw Supports Army Moscow

Venice (Joseph)
Army Budapest to Galacia (BOUNCE)
Army Vienna to Tyrolia (BOUNCE)
Army Tuscany to Venice (BOUNCE)
Army Tuscany Destroyed No Possible Retreat
Army Trieste Supports Army Tuscany to Venice (Support Cut)
Army Serbia to Bulgaria (BOUNCE) 
Army Serbia Retreats to Albania
Fleet Venice to Apulia (BOUNCE)

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  1. A comment from Selim I (1466-1520) called Yavuz, the Grim

    Spontaneous demonstrations in the streets of Belgrade and Bucharest welcome the expulsion of the heretic and the establishment of fair and just Ottoman rule.