Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring 1467 AD Orders and Results Turn 039

England (Pat)
Army Denmark to Kiel (BOUNCE)
Army Prussia to Berlin (BOUNCE)
Fleet Baltic Sea support Prussia to Berlin
Fleet North Atlantic to Irish Sea
Fleet North Sea to Heligoland Bight
Fleet Norway to North Sea
Armies London and St Petersburgh and Marseilles stand

Spain (Mike)
Fleet English Channel convoy Army Brest to Wales
Army Brest to Wales
Fleet Portugal to Mid-Atlantic Ocean
Fleet Spain (NC) support Fleet Potugal to Mid-Atlantic Ocean
Fleet Tyrrhenian to Naples
Fleet Ionian to Apulia
Fleet Adriatic Sea support Fleet Ionian to Apulia
Army Tuscany to Piedmont
Army Venice support Army Tuscany to Piedmont
Army Burgundy to Switzerland
Fleet Kiel to Berlin (BOUNCE)
Army Silesia Support Fleet Kiel to Berlin
Army Ruhr to Kiel (BOUNCE)

Pol/Lith (Steve)
Fleet Sevastopol Stands
Army Moscow Supports Army Warsaw
Army Warsaw Supports Army Moscow

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Army Smyrna to Armenia
Fleet Constantinople to the Black Sea
Fleet Romania support Fleet Constantinople to the Black Sea
Army Bulgaria support Army Serbia
Fleet Greece support Army Bulgaria
Fleet Aegean support Fleet Greece
Army Serbia Hold

Venice (Joseph)
Army Budapest supports Army Trieste
Army Trieste Supports Army Budapest
Fleet Apulia to Venice (BOUNCE)
Fleet Apulia Destroyed No possible retreat.

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  1. Both the Sultan and the Twelve have asked that comments be posted.

    From the Sultan: He's probably busy trying to dig a tunnel under Bulgaria to get to Istanbul.

    From the Twelve: No one expected the Spanish inquisition in St Mark's square. Their inquiries have really disrupted the government!