Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring 1468 Orders and Results Turn 042

England (Pat)
Army Burgundy to Paris (No Army in Burgundy)
Army Prussia to Berlin (3rd time lucky)
It was Prussia is now a feared military machine.
Fleet Baltic Sea support Prussia to Berlin
Fleet Heligoland Bight to North Sea
Fleet Holland support Heligoland Bight to North Sea
Army Kiel to Munich (BOUNCE)
Fleet Wales to Irish Sea (BOUNCE)
Army London to Wales (BOUNCE)
Army London Destroyed No Possible Retreat
Army St Petersburgh stands

Spain (Mike)
Fleet Irish Sea to Wales (BOUNCE)
Fleet English Channel Convoy Army Belgium to London
Fleet Portugal to Mid-Atlantic
Fleet Spain (North Coast) to Gascony (BOUNCE)
Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea to Gulf of Lyon
Fleet Ionian Sea to Tyrrhenian Sea
Fleet Adriatic To Venice
Army Yorkshire support Army Belgium to London
Army Belgium to London
Army Marseilles to Burgundy
Army Switzerland support Army Silesia To Munich
Army Venice to Tyrolia
Army Silesia Munich 

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Army Sevastapol supports English Army St Petersburg to Moscow
Army Bulgaria to Greece
Fleet Black sea convoy Army Ankara to Romania
Army Ankara to Romania
Fleet Romania to Bulgaria (East Coast)
Army Serbia hold
Fleet Albania supports Army Bulgaria to Greece
Fleet Smyna holds

Pol/Lith (Steve)
Army Moscow Supports Army Warsaw
Army Warsaw Supports Army Moscow

Venice (Joseph)
Army Budapest supports Army Trieste
Army Trieste supports Army Budapest

Fall 1468 Orders are due Sunday April 10th at 9:00 AM ET

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