Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fall 1468 Orders and Results Turm 043

Pol/Lith (Steve) 2 Centres No Change
Army Moscow Supports Army Warsaw
Army Warsaw Supports Army Moscow

Ottoman Empire (Les) Nine Centres (One Build)
Army Serbia to Trieste
Fleet Albania Supports Army Serbia to Trieste
Army Greece to Serbia
Army Romania to Galacia
Army Stevastapol to Ukraine
Fleet Black Sea to Romania
Fleet Smryna holds
Fleet Bulgaria (East Coast) supports  Fleet Black Sea to Romania

Spain (Mike) Thirteen Centres No Change
Army Yorkshire to Liverpool
Fleet Irish Sea support Army Yorkshire to Liverpool
Army London to Hold
Fleet English Channel support Army London to Hold (Support Cut)
Fleet English Channel Retreats to Picardy
Fleet Mid-Atlantic Ocean to Brest (BOUNCE)
Fleet Spain (North Coast) to Gascony (BOUNCE)
Army Burgundy to Paris
Fleet Gulf of Lyon to Marseilles
Army Munich to Burgundy
Army Switzerland support Army Tyrolia to Munich
Army Tyrolia to Munich (BOUNCE)
Fleet Venice support Ottoman Army Serbia to Trieste
Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea to Hold

England (Pat) Nine Centres (One Build Cannot Build)
Does not control unoccupied Home Centre
Fleet Holland to Belgium
Fleet Baltic Sea to Denmark
Fleet North Sea to English Channel
Fleet Wales supports North Sea to English Channel
Army GASCONY to Brest (BOUNCE)
Army Berlin to Munich (BOUNCE)
Army Kiel supports Berlin to Munich
St Petersburg stands again

Venice (Joseph) Two Centres No Change
Army Trieste to Vienna
Army Budapest supports Army Trieste to Vienna

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