Saturday, May 14, 2011

Winter 1469 AD Builds and Disbands Turn 047

Ottoman Empire (Les) 10 Centres Builds One
Builds Fleet Smyrna

Spain (Mike) 12 Centres Disbands One
Disbands Fleet Brest

England (Pat) Has 9 Centres but Cannot Build
Does not control unoccupied Home Centres

Pol/Lith  (Steve) 2 Centres No Change

Venice (Joseph) 2 Centres No Change

I will be in Ottawa for Cangames when the next set of orders are due. As a result you will have a 36 hour grace period for this move. Spring 1470 orders are due Monday May 23rd at 9:00 PM ET, I hope you all will have a chance to enjoy a long Victoria Day Weekend.

I commence my accounting program May 30th. As a result I am now cracking down on late orders. As per XIV-3, if you fail  to submit your orders on time, your country will be in Civil Disorder for that turn and all units will have Hold Orders only. This ruling reflects the  indecision, failure to communicate or failure to reach consensus within the various ministries of your government, the death of a monarch, etc, etc, etc and is now in effect.

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