Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring 1470AD Orders and Results Turn 048

Venice (Joseph)
Army Vienna to Trieste (BOUNCE)
Army Bohemia Supports Ottoman Army Munich

Ottoman Empire (Les)
Army Munich Support Army Tyrolia
Army Tyrolia hold
Army Trieste to Apulia (BOUNCE)
Fleet Adriatic Sea convoy Army Trieste to Apulia
Fleet Ionian Sea to Naples
Army Serbia supports Venice Army Vienna to Trieste (BOUNCE)
Fleet Constantinople to Aegean Sea
Fleet Smyrna to Eastern Med
Army Sevastopol holds
Fleet Black Sea to Constantinople

England (Pat)
Fleets Belgium and Holland Mutual Support
Army Ruhr supports Fleet Belgium
Army Kiel supports those turkeys in Munich, Ottoman Army Munich!!
Fleet North Sea convoys Army Norway to Edinburgh
Army Norway to Edinburgh (BOUNCE)

Spain (Mike)
Fleet Irish Sea to North Atlantic Ocean
Army Yorkshire to Edinburgh (BOUNCE)
Army London to Yorkshire (BOUNCE)
Fleet English Channel support Fleet Picardy
Fleet Picardy support Fleet English Channel
Army Paris support Army Burgundy
Army Burgundy support Army Switzerland
Army Switzerland to Hold
Army Piedmont to Venice (BOUNCE)
Fleet Venice to Apulia (BOUNCE)
Fleet Gulf of Lyon to Western Mediterranean Sea
Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea to Ionian Sea

Pol-Lith (Steve)
Civil Disorder No Orders Received
Moscow Hold
Warsaw Hold

Fall 1470 Orders are due Sunday June 5th at 9:00AM ET 

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