Saturday, February 18, 2012

BBC (Byzantine Broadcasting Corporation) World News: Spring 1871 Vol 1

Here is a news summary from the BBC (Byzantine Broadcasting Corporation) World News: Spring 1871

********************************************  Mustafa Ataturk Dead **************************************************************

CNN reporter Maixmus Gullibus has quoted uncofirmed sources that the former leader of the of the Islamic Soviet People's Republic has incurred yet another accidental fall down stairs while being transferred to a new hospital. Yesterday while being moved to  a speicialist hospital Mustafa Ataturk suffered mortal injuries when medical staff slipped while moving him. Emporer Justinian has called for a full independent inquiry into the state of staircases in all public facilities within the Byzantine Empire. Appointing Julius Coverupus, head of the VBI (Vigilites Bureau of Investigation), Emporere Justinian has stated that a careful step by step investigation will be conducted but has asked investigators to tread lightly.

A private funeral will be held somewheres in Anatolia in the next few days.

*********************************************** Balkans on Brink of Civil War ********************************************************

With the Balkans- Serbia, Rumania and Bulgaria wracked by civil disorder Austria-Hungary, Russia and the Eastern Roman Empire have agreed to acede to requests by the oppressed citizens of these countries for peace keeping troops to be sent in. Special envoy, Stabbus in the Backus, has been in constant talks with his Austrian and Russian counterparts to make arragements to restore good government, justice and peace to these afflicted countries.

******************************** Eastern Roman Empre Vows Support to the British Empire Over the Falklands ********************

Foreign Minister, Narses, has reported that the Byzantine govenrment will stand by the British Empire as the crisis in the Falkland islands continues to escalate. Speaking in Constaninople today Narses has stated that foreign intervention by Argentine adventurists will not be tolerated under any circumstances and has requested that all members of the EU stand ready to support their English brethern.

Narses stated: "We have two squadron of dromons armed with Greek Fire and several hundred caaphracts ready and able to proceed to the Falklands at a moments notice."

Sean Penn was not available for comment as he is believed to be in hiding as rumours emerged that Roman MIV agents were looking to interview him.


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