Friday, February 10, 2012

The World as We Know it, by The Montreal Informer

REVOLUTION SWEEPS TURKEY!!!- Mustafa Ataturk Deposed!, Flavius Justuinan Assumes Interim Leadership of Restored Byzantine Empire!, Flavius Belsarius Aided by Fauber Narses Leads Restoration!


Unconfirmed reports in the Montreal Informer state the Islamic Soviet People's Republic of Turkey has been overthrown in a popular revolt by a widespread uprising by freedom loving citizens.

An Informer reporter in Constantinople stated that approximately 2 days ago, after months of civil unrest, Flavius Belsarius and Fauber Narses led a popular revolt against the infidel Ottoman Turks that has seen the restoration of the Eastern Roman Empire.

In an exclusive interview  to CNN reporter, Maximus Gullibus, interim leader (soon to be emperer), Flavius Justinian has vowed to restore democratic government (as long as he is the emperor) to the long suffering citizens of the Republic of the Eastern Roman Empire.

With Constantinople ringing to chants of "SPQR, SPQR, SPQR" Justinian has announced he will restore democratic rights to all citizens (with an exception ot two) and to pursue a policy of truth, peace and reconciliation with all nations. It is expected he will be crowned emperor in the Haiga Sophia in the next few days.

Flavius Justinian is also reported has having vowed to restore the full the Roman Empire thru peaceful co-operation and negotiation. And all previous agreements will be adhered to in typical Byzantine fashion.

On another note Fox News is reporting that Comrade Chariman Mustafa Ataturk is in intensive care after having fallen down a set of stairs while being escorted to his residence to be placed under house arrest.

The Informer also reports that Narses will assume the role of foreign minister and Belsarius minister of war.

Long live the Eastern Roman Empire!

 Initial Set-up for 1871

In the other lead story from the Informer 

Italy may be in play before Sunday February 19th.

It is early 1871. Prussia has unified the Germany under the Emperor. Italy is still a miss-mash of squabbling states.  In 1866, Italy won Venice by helping Prussia against Austria in the Austro-Prussian War.  Likewise, Italian help in the Franco-Prussian War earned it Rome (except for the Vatican which remained an independent state inside of Rome). The question remains. Will Giuseppe Garibaldi lead his Red Shirts into the remaining independent city-states and unite Italy under Victor Emmanuel in time to take part in the game or not? 

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