Sunday, March 11, 2012

002 Fall 1871 Orders and Results

Britain (The Office of the Prime Minister)
4 Centres (Builds 1)

Fleet Norwegian Sea to Norway
Army Yorkshire to Denmark (BOUNCE)
Fleet North Sea Convoys Army Yorkshire to Denmark

The German Empire (Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg, by command of His Imperial and Royal Majesty The German Emperor, King of Prussia)
5 Centres (Builds 2)

Army Ruhr to Belgium
Fleet Holland supports Army Ruhr to Belgium
Army Kiel to Denmark (BOUNCE)

The Russian Empire (Tsar Alexander II)
6 Centres (Builds 2)

Fleet Gulf of Bothnia Moves to Sweden
Fleet Rumania Holds
Army Ukraine Supports Fleet Rumania
Army Warsaw Moves to Galicia (BOUNCE)

The Restored Eastern Roman Empire (Flavius Justinian, Imperator)
4 Centres (Builds 1)

The Fleet in Constantinople supports the Army in Bulgaria.
The Army in Bulgaria holds.
The Army in Smyrna holds

The Austro-Hungarian Empire (Franz Joseph)
5 Centres (Builds 2)

Fleet Albania to Greece
Army Serbia supports Fleet Albania to Greece
Army Galicia to Rumania (BOUNCE)

Nova Roma (Count Benito Spartacus)
Civil Disorder (No Builds)

Army Venice Hold
Army Rome Hold
Fleet Ionian Sea Hold

The French Republic (Adolphe Thiers, President)
4 Centres (Builds 1)

Fleet Gascony to Spain (North Coast)
Army Paris to Picardy
Army Marseilles to Burgundy

Note: Your Build Orders for Winter 1871 are due ASAP.  No Diplomacy may take place until Build Orders are published.

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