Sunday, March 11, 2012

003 Winter 1871 Builds and Disbands

Britain (The Office of the Prime Minister)
4 Centres (Builds 1)
Build Fleet in London

The German Empire (Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg, by command of His Imperial and Royal Majesty The German Emperor, King of Prussia)
5 Centres (Builds 2)
Build Army in Berlin
Build Army in Munich

The Russian Empire (Tsar Alexander II)
6 Centres (Builds 2)
Build Army in Moscow
Build Fleet in St Petersburg (South Coast)

The Restored Eastern Roman Empire (Flavius Justinian, Imperator)
4 Centres (Builds 1)
Build Army in Ankara

The Austro-Hungarian Empire (Franz Joseph)
5 Centres (Builds 2)
Build Army in Vienna
Build Army in  Budapest

Nova Roma (Count Benito Spartacus) 
Civil Disorder
No Builds

The French Republic (Adolphe Thiers, President)
4 Centres (Builds 1)
Build Army in  Paris

Note: Based upon my observations, despite having three weeks to do diplomacy, the majority of the emails I've seen were sent in the last week leading up to the deadline. It was my intention to ensure that everyone had the time to communicate and hatch plots, I mean make plans with the other players. I have also been asked, by a number of the players, if it was possible to speed up the game. In light of my observation, and the request from at least three of the players I have decided to increase the turnaround time.

Spring 1872 Orders are due Sunday March 25th 9:00 AM ET.

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