Sunday, May 13, 2012

008 Fall 1873 Orders and Results

Britain (Prime Minister Lord Stanley)
7 Centres Builds One Unit
Fleet Belgium Holds (Fleet Belgium retreats to English Channel)
Fleet Norwegian Sea to Edinburgh
Fleet North Sea supports Fleet Norwegian Sea to Edinburgh
Fleet Skagerrak Holds
Fleet Holland to Kiel
Army Denmark supports fleet Holland to Kiel

The German Empire (Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg, by command of His Imperial and Royal Majesty The German Emperor, King of Prussia)
2 Centres No Builds or Disbands
Army Livonia to St Petersburg
Fleet Edinburgh Holds (Retreats to the Clyde)
Army Kiel supports Army Berlin (Support Cut Kiel Disbands)
Army Berlin supports Army Kiel (Support Cut Berlin Disbands)

The Russian Empire (His Imperial Majesty The Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russians, Tsar Alexander III)
6 Centres Builds One Unit
Army Prussia to Berlin.
Fleet Baltic Sea supports Army Prussia to Berlin.
Army Ukraine to Galicia
Army Warsaw supports Army Ukraine to Galicia.
Fleet Rumania holds.

The Restored Eastern Roman Empire (Flavius Justinian, Imperator)
5 Centres Builds One Unit
1. Fleet Aegean Sea Moves to Ionian Sea
2. Army Greece Supports Austrian Army Budapest to Serbia
3. Army Bulgaria Supports Army Greece
4. Army Constantinople Supports Army Bulgaria

The Austro-Hungarian Empire (His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty Franz Joseph)
4 Centres Builds One Unit
Army Budapest to Serbia
Army Trieste supports Army Budapest to Serbia
Army Vienna supports Army Trieste

Nova Roma (Count Benito Spartacus)
4 Centres Disbands One Unit
Fleet Tunis to Western Mediterranean.
Fleet Naples to Tyrrhenian Sea.
Army Albania to Serbia BOUNCE
Army Apulia to Venice
Army Venice to Tyrolia

la République française (Patrice de Mac-Mahon, président de la République française)
6 Centres  Builds Two Units
Fleet Mid-Atlantic Ocean moves to Portugal
Army Picardy supports Army Burgundy to Belgium
Army Burgundy moves to Belgium
Army Marsailles moves to Burgundy

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